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Production Assembly Manuals | 7 August, 2019

Would anyone have a link to a site or a book suggestion for creating assembly documentation. I am not looking for ISO 9X or anything just some ways I can document the process for assembly of products at the board level. Most of my experience was in R&D with a large company for years and they had their own documentation dept so I did not get much exposure. Now I run a small family business with some staff and want to create some assembly process documentation to help them put things together consistantly. Thanks

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Production Assembly Manuals | 7 August, 2019

Look at what you make, what kind of questions come back to the office from the factory floor when documentation is poor or non-existent. Template your documentation accordingly, there should be enough in there that staff don't need to ask questions, equally always foster an environment where they ask questions rather than make assumptions.

We used to create CAD drawings for everything, but for many things a nice set of photos, especially for the box build steps is much quicker to create. Make sure you have some form of version control and document changes.

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