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SMT Line Utilization Rate

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SMT Line Utilization Rate | 6 September, 2019

In regards to machine utilization of an automated in-line SMT Placement equipment, is there any statistical data that may indicate what a typical line should expect to achieve? What is a reasonable target for a low volume high mix production environment?

Machine Up-time (runtime) versus Machine Downtime (stoppage): Machine/Job set up is most certainly the dominate consumer of available production time. Getting the machines to place parts more minutes in the available production time is the objective. Obviously this is typically achieved by deploying a “Pit Crew” or set-up team and providing that team with the tools necessary so that the “Pit Stop” is as efficient and Pit Stops (machine downtime) are as short as possible.

In either case, whether set-up personnel are available or not – is there any available data or standards on what utilization rate is expected for a typical SMT placement line?

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