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MPM Accuflex "PCB DID NOT LOAD" Issue

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MPM Accuflex "The PCB Did Not Load" Issue | 24 September, 2019

During production our MPM Accuflex stopped working. When going into "Play" mode to run production it almost instantly Pauses. When going into vision setup it fails to load the PCB saying "The PCB Did Not Load". Ignoring this error and trying to read the stencil fiducials without a PCB loaded the camera does not automatically move but can be jogged using the arrows.

When trying to load the PCB the conveyor does not move at all. using the arrows at the bottom of the program screen it will feed a board from the input side to the output side and vice versa.

I went through the diagnostics and all the PCB sensors work per the Input Diagnostics, and the camera and conveyor can be jogged (Belt to outroad/Belt to inroad).

We are running AccuPro 8.6.3

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

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MPM Accuflex "The PCB Did Not Load" Issue | 30 September, 2019

I have 3 of these machines and have never encountered this issue. Call PPM in New Hampshire. Talk to George. He is VERY knowledgeable and they are great with both new and used parts. And if you end up needing parts, buy from them too. George has helped me with numerous MPM Printer issues over the phone.

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MPM Accuflex "The PCB Did Not Load" Issue | 30 September, 2019

One thought. Since this machine uses the camera as the board sensor, I've had a metal board support right where the camera sets up to detect the incoming board.

Try loading the board after removing all the board supports. If it loads, then try some alternate support positions.

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