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DEK265 GSX misprint

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DEK265 GSX misprint | 10 October, 2019

Hey guys, my DEK265 GSX is acting funny. It misprints half of the boards. The one half when squeegees move away from operator to be precise. When squeegees are moving towards operator print is perfect. In both cases actuators are moving prior to print. I'm suspecting actuators or actuator drivers. I did diagnostic on actuators, they seem a bit weak to me, it wasn't hard to hold them by hand. Should I reload MINT? any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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DEK265 GSX misprint | 10 October, 2019

More information on "mis-print": degree, direction, repeatability? If it is a repeatable offset, there are individual print direction specific offsets available... Or is it possible that there are erroneous offsets applicable to print direction causing you problems?

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DEK265 GSX misprint | 11 October, 2019

Hello Dekhead, it is a constant offset, like 0.5 mm to right when machine prints away from operator. When print goes towards the operator there is no offset. I swapped X5 and X6 cards with spares I got but still same result . I set the program to have 2 paste deposits, this way it always starts from same position. When I load the program I first run one board with one deposit to get the squeegees on other side, then I change it to two paste deposits and everything is printed ok then.

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DEK265 GSX misprint | 12 October, 2019

Can you put -0.5mm offset in "Reverse X Offset" to alleviate?

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DEK265 GSX misprint | 15 October, 2019

thanks a lot Dekhead, it worked. I guess i couldnt see the forest for the trees...

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