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Omron VT-RNS-pt - Help with some basic programming questions

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AOI Omron VT-RNS-pt - Help with some basic programming questions | 10 October, 2019

Hi Everyone,

We've just bought a second hand Omron VT-RNS-pt AOI machine. It appears to work fine but we're struggling to understand how to program it. I have the set of manuals but they are not easy going, and it's going to take me quite a while to get up to speed. Does anyone have any experience that could help me by answering a few questions?

Thanks in advance


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AOI Omron VT-RNS-pt - Help with some basic programming questions | 10 October, 2019

Omron is probably worst choice for AOI unless you have long series. Requires too much debug and there is always compromise between setting sharp criterias and get lot of fake errors or setting lose criterias and get boards with defects to pass OK.

You need precise and repeatable assembly process. Every component small deviation will lead to need to re-tune.

It's basically expensive scanner which compare pictures.

I'm interested how much used one cost? I bought mine for $37K new, hoping to replace eye visual control. It's slow, require higher paid employee to program it and basically you need to run 1000 boards to may debug the process in some kind of optimal settings. My visual inspection become more expensive instead to be less expensive as I hoped. At least it's repeatable as people do mistake and get tired easily. Both X and Y stepper drivers burned on my machine and new one replacement cost $1000, but otherwise no other issues.

Edit - there is some attachment which is not mine. Looks like SPAM ad or foumr is infected with virus. Not recommend to open it.


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AOI Omron VT-RNS-pt - Help with some basic programming questions | 11 October, 2019

Hi Tsvetan,

Yes, I've heard it's difficult to program but good once it gets going.

At the moment, I'm working through the manuals, but can't find a step by step guide, just lots of reference material on how to do things, but not knowing what order or what is essential and what is optional is hindering me.

I've created a new file, added the outer board dimensions, added the theta adjustment locations, and then started adding components to Component area 1. This particular job is two PCBs in one frame, so I will copy component area 1 to component area 2 for PCB no, 2 at the end. I'm starting with blank librarys, so have been using the default 0603 resistor and then saving it as 0603 brown, 0805 black etc... The main issue I'm seeing is wetting errors, missing electrode errors and fillet errors. I've had a go at fixing them with the colour pipette, but this is where I'm a bit lost and need help.

I can fix some of the errors, but don't have a feeling if I've made the thresholds too easy or just passing - I really have no idea yet.

Any help would be most welcome

Thanks in advance

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