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Siplace SX line time synchronisation

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Siplace SX line time synchronisation | 21 October, 2019

Hey guys,

so awhile ago I started working as a machine operator at a Siplace SX line (4 Stations: sx2(cpp) - sx1(cpp) - sx1(cpp) - sx2(twin head)) and i noticed a strange thing. The displayed times of the stations don`t match up at all, not even close. As much as there is a 15 minute difference between stations.

I asked my superiors about that but none seem to know how to fix it or are bothered by or care about it at all. But to be honest first of all it triggers my "ocd" pretty hard, second as someone with a CS background i know that its probably just a wrongly setup syncing problem with the host computer and third i dont think its doing our traceability any good if every station reports a different time.

So when i had a little time i went through menu over menu, options over options... but for the love of god i can not figure out where this is configured or set up.

So please tell me im not mad and there is a way to sync the time of the line/stations with the host computer and where i can find it and set it up properly or atleast tell my superiors that do care how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards, Patrick

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Siplace SX line time synchronisation | 28 October, 2019

The OCD in me suggests you chase down Windows Time/Date configuration ,also when you power up the machine check the time/date in the BIOS I presume these machines are windows based just looking in the Assembleon website.


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Siplace SX line time synchronisation | 30 October, 2019

This should be fixed by someone who has access to Windows on these machines - probably ASM engineer. You are right to be worried about traceability. Also changing this time might lead to much more issues underneath, so don't just change it before asking ASM engineer.

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Siplace SX line timeisation | 26 November, 2019


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Siplace SX line time synchronisation | 3 November, 2020

Yes, it is most likely the BIOS and Windows Time configuration. If you are familiar with how to switch to Windows Operating system mode and back it can be checked. Our displayed times are off but in ASM trace service the times are all accurate so I don't think they use each individual machine's time in the traceability.

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