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how do i add multiple boards to a layout without entering them all in manually

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How do i enter multiple pcb's into a layout. | 22 October, 2019

I have a mydata TP11 and have done a layout and have one pcb added, i want to know how to add 10 pcb's in to this panel/layout without going through each one manually.

Regards Richard


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How do i enter multiple pcb's into a layout. | 28 October, 2019

Try PCBSynergy, it has several versions of Mydata SMT formats in its list of output formats. So take your CAD file and select the nearest Mydata format for your machine and alter the Origin calculator section for the layout of panels that you need. Since Mydata formats are ascii, you can then cut and paste the relevant section into your existing file. sarason

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How do i enter multiple pcb's into a layout. | 5 November, 2019


Are you trying to put different pcb's on the panel, or just step and repeating the same pcb across the panel?

Either way, the method is pretty similar.

For step and repeat, you need to create a panel/layout, using the panel fiducials. Then you insert the pcb into the panel (use the bottom left location). Then, there should be a "panelize" or step and repeat feature in the panel (I don't recall the exact terminology); TPSys will ask you how many boards by how many boards in the panel, have you teach the first board fiducials, and then the last board fiducials, and will then populate your layout with the stepped and repeated pcb.

For multiple PCBs in the same panel, it's a very similar process. Each PCB must be created separately. Then, create a panel, and insert the PCBs in their locations, teaching the fiducials as you go.

Cheers, ..rob

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