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Siplace PnP

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Siplace component shape | 14 November, 2019


I recently started working as a process engineer focusing on ASM Siplace. I'm just curious about component shape dimensions. For instance, we have a standard component shape for 0402-component. The problem is we have so many second source and different 0402-components that we have to widen the tolerances for that specific component shape.

So my question is, how important is it to have correct dimensions in Siplace Pro?

We can still produce with high quality, but my main focus is to reduce scrap caused by ASM Siplace and I'm currently looking into all the shapes and dimensions.

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Siplace component shape | 14 November, 2019

It doesn't really matter which PnP machine you use. The correct way to cut down the variety is to use the same mfg p/n part for the whole time. Some would try to cheap by increasing the part size tolerance, but that's not the right way to do it. To your question, 1) With correct dimensions there shouldn't be alignment issues. 2) Protects you from loading the wrong size part onto the board. Lastly, a good operator would know it's best practice to measure the part before the 1st article run and always remeasure the part again if different mfg part(reel) to be used as refills.

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Siplace component shape | 27 November, 2019

My experience is that capacitors cause more problem as resistors. Mostly the problem is that the solder legs not flat, more like a surface with radius.

If you use smaller nozzle which can catch the capitors between the two legs, the placement accuracy and production fails will be better - but you need better accuracy on both machine, feeder. Make different GF for capacitors and resistors, try nozzle which was/were made for 0201, 01005.

Nozzle material can be also a weak point. If it isnt a ceramic nozzle it will deform really fast, tooling changover is requested after a quantity - depends on your experience on the line.

The effective solution to use bigger parts if possible - in design, in price.

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Siplace component shape | 27 November, 2019

Just make more specific shapes/packages for these size parts and decide on a naming convention that's easy to decipher then stick with it.

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