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Dek265 GSX Vision hardware error

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Dek265 GSX Vision hardware error | 23 November, 2019

Hello Everybody,

I have a problem with a DEK 265GSX, I get this error message:

Vision hardware error Controlled lighting not responding FATAL ERROR - REINITIALISE MACHINE

I have found that this might be due to a broken wire and I have checked all the wires and all wires are all right.

I have no idea how to fix this issue.


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Dek265 GSX Vision hardware error | 24 November, 2019

Is camera powering up and self initialising? When power is applied to machine, camera lighting (Green or Silver) should power on, strobe with decreasing intensity and then stop. If lighting does not come on, looking at either no power applied (broken wire / PSU issue) or bad camera unit. If camera lighting doesn't stop strobing (decreasing intensity, pause, restart with high intensity, continued repeat) then it is an issue of communication (broken wire?) to Cognex or Cognex board itself. Far from absolute but should give you direction. Please feel free to contact me directly if you need wiring details.">

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