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SONY F209 HDD Failure

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SONY F209 HDD Failure | 27 November, 2019


Recent power blackout damaged our SONY F209 UPS ATA power supply and machine's HDD got corrupted at the same time.

Power supply is replaced, but now the machine refuses to boot. The registry file for windows NT 2000 with all software installation information is damaged otherwise all other files and programs are there.

Now I'm looking for someone who has working F209 machine or has HDD backup for help.

I'm willing to pay, the machine stay already more than month. Sony was bought by Juki in 2014 and now nobody at Juki can do support, neither is able to provide installation discs or working machine HDD copy.

Thanks Tsvetan

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SONY F209 HDD Failure | 2 December, 2019


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SONY F209 HDD Failure | 2 December, 2019

Take your disk out of the machine and use a Hard disk recovery tool after you have hooked it up to another computer.

It may take a while but you should be able to recover partitions, files and registry if someone who knows what they are doing does it!


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SONY F209 HDD Failure | 3 December, 2019

I did try and disk recovery doesn't work.

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