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TableTop Convection Reflow Oven

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TableTop Convection Reflow Oven | 18 December, 2019

I am looking for recommendations for a table top reflow system that can do lead and lead free solder. Has anyone tried the SMT-2011 Desktop system sold by SMT max? Any of the manncorp/LPKF systems ect?

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TableTop Convection Reflow Oven | 6 January, 2020

We have the MC301N as well as the older T200N from manncorp and I have experience with the ebay T962A as well. Between the three, the T962A (with firmware upgrade) would be my choice.

The T200N has a horrible software package, although a better program is here supposedly We haven't used it but with the stock configuration it works alright, changing profiles is a pain but it heats evenly and consistently and cool-down doesn't take too long.

The MC301N takes way too long to cool down, even with opening the door early. It takes many minutes sitting with the door wide open to cool down to a temperature safe to handle the boards. It has two modes for profile settings, one just direct points (ramping and soaking) and the other mode is a bit more confusing, however a world better than the T200N.

The T962A seems to heat just as well, cool down time is equal or better than T200N and the profile setting is simple with the upgraded firmware. Also it's by far the cheapest of the three if not the cheapest reflow oven available, it just doesn't have N2 capability.

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