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solder balls/wash

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solder balls/wash | 9 January, 2020

We have been experiencing an issue with solder balls coming out of wave, both RoHS and 63/37, no clean process. It has been determined that a reduction in flux has all but eliminated the solder balls except for where we need to use board stiffeners as the flux tends to build up there and not burned off thru pre heat, and we are continuing to address that. My question is has anyone used an inline wash system for the removal of solder balls? I am aware there can be issues with wash chemistry and no clean flux that may come up. We have an old batch washer that is no longer in use regularly so I know it does not have the pressure to remove solder balls. Any input is appreciated.

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solder balls/wash | 9 January, 2020

These new inline washers are cleaning so great now. There will be no flux to hold these solder balls at all. However, experts here might help you to get rid of the solder balls in process. so you don't have to clean.

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solder balls/wash | 9 January, 2020

If the world was a perfect place, I would recommend preventing solder balls in the first place. While low amounts of solder balls are common, a high volume of solder balls are problematic to a cleaning machine (batch or inline). Solder balls may become dislodged and repositioned under components or may cause damage to the cleaning machine (pump seals, solenoids, nozzles, etc). A high volume of solder balls is indicative of a process issue. I would recommend consulting with your printer supplier, paste supplier, reflow oven supplier as well as checking your thermal profile. The cleaning process is designed to remove residues that are solubilized into the cleaning solution. Solder balls obviously can not be solubilized.

- Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies

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