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MPM Accuflex Calibration

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 22 January, 2020

I need to calibrate vision offset of MPM Accuflex printer. According to manual I need the calibration stencil with 49x49 holes. Does anybody know what is the approximately diameter of those holes and what is the distance between rows and columns?

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 23 January, 2020

I've had to order the PCB and stencil from aftermarket sources in the past, but I can't find the info anywhere on the stencil/hole grid. All I have is this manual.

I believe I actually rented the PCB/stencil from PPM, then ordered my own replacements after I got the info from the rentals.


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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 24 January, 2020

Thanks Phil. Is there any marks on calibration PCB or it is plain copper laminated PCB with dimensions 20"x20"?

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 27 January, 2020

If I'm remembering correctly, I just had a board shop I worked with supply me with a 20"x20" copper laminated piece of FR4 and used that.

I believe I only used it once before I left that company, so I'm not sure how well it holds up over time.

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