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MPM Accuflex error camera vision

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MPM Accuflex error camera vision | 10 February, 2020

Hi We have an Accuflex MPM with camera vision problems which shows no image, only the screen looks gray. With the diagram we show that our MPM camera is receiving the appropriate 12V voltage on pin # 6 of the camera and supplies the video output on pin # 4, which we measure by means of 1.66V voltage and with an oscilloscope Showing a sine wave. The signal is continuous without being lost from its camera input to where it is connected to the MPM PC, but the image is still lost without being evident on the screen, we find that the cable that carries the image reaches the PC and is connected to a card cognex or video which we find no way to discard and next to it where the Cognex is connected on the pc a red LED is constantly on that we do not know if it indicates any possible error in the Cognex card (We changed the card from PCI slot to discard if it was damaged but still the problem persists). How can we verify if the Cognex is good? Does the red LED next to the PCI port indicate any error on the card? How can we verify the camera externally if it gives image on another screen independent of the software?

Thank you for any help that can guide us, thank you very much.

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MPM Accuflex error camera vision | 4 March, 2021

Hi Miałem taki problem, myślałem też że to uszkodzona karta Cognex. Zakupiłem nową i to nie pomogło. Okazało się że trzeba zainstalować właściwy sterownik karty. (translate from PL)

regards Tomek

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MPM Accuflex error camera vision | 5 March, 2021

Hello Our problem was the camera that was bad, we replaced it and it worked again, greetings!

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