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SMD PCBA Cleaning

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SMD PCBA Cleaning | 11 February, 2020

Dear Team,

Can any body suggest that which is the best cleaning agent to remove the AIM M8 Flux residues from the PCBA After SMD Assembly by using Air agitation Method or with Ultrasonic Method.???

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SMD PCBA Cleaning | 11 February, 2020

This is a No-Clean solder paste, therefore, it's intended not to be cleaned. If you need your assemblies to be cleaned post assembly, I would highly recommend a water soluble solder paste. It will provide much better looking boards in the long run.

Have you contacted AIM for recommendations? This is from the TDS for the M8 paste:

"Post-Reflow Flux Residue: M8 residues can remain on the assembly after reflow and do not require cleaning. Where cleaning is mandated, AIM has worked closely with industry partners to ensure that M8 residues can be effectively removed with common defluxing agents. Contact AIM for cleaning compatibility information."

Cheers, ..rob

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