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TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12-

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TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12- | 13 February, 2020

Since 6 days we are tryng to solve a issue in our MyData12. For some reason, the TpSys doesn´t start properly and continuesly is rebooting after a message "MMI exited, status = 134, terminating servers - Waiting for Tpsys to finish - MMI returned 134" and after that rebooting TpSys . We reinstalled the Red Hat and Tpsys in a new disk, cleaned the Servo interfaces , and nothing works. We ask at official technical service from our country and there solutions is pay for a CPU - Software and interface update, but it´s look a software issue. Just some points, because the problem show that could coming from MMI interface, we removed all the MI and MOT-M,Y,X.... from the machinte, tryng to separate this problem, but doesn´t work too. The technical service tell us that if the problem coming from MMI hardware interface card, that doesn´t explain TpSys inestability and rebooting, jut only should be appear a warning about hardware removed.

If anybody could have a solutions, I will appreciete a lot. If I found how to repair this I will post inmediatly.



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