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TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12-

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TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12- | 13 February, 2020

Since 6 days we are tryng to solve a issue in our MyData12. For some reason, the TpSys doesn´t start properly and continuesly is rebooting after a message "MMI exited, status = 134, terminating servers - Waiting for Tpsys to finish - MMI returned 134" and after that rebooting TpSys . We reinstalled the Red Hat and Tpsys in a new disk, cleaned the Servo interfaces , and nothing works. We ask at official technical service from our country and there solutions is pay for a CPU - Software and interface update, but it´s look a software issue. Just some points, because the problem show that could coming from MMI interface, we removed all the MI and MOT-M,Y,X.... from the machinte, tryng to separate this problem, but doesn´t work too. The technical service tell us that if the problem coming from MMI hardware interface card, that doesn´t explain TpSys inestability and rebooting, jut only should be appear a warning about hardware removed.

If anybody could have a solutions, I will appreciete a lot. If I found how to repair this I will post inmediatly.



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TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12- | 18 February, 2020

Just by looking at your attachment and seeing that error, I would say that you didn't put in the magic word when you reloaded your software or mistyped it if you did. If you don't have your magic word you will need to contact mydata or whoever you bought your machine from to get it and instructions on how to put it in. The magic word is what tells the software what options you have on your machine and what to load up for those options. Without it or a wrong one it will do exactly what you explained with those errors.

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TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12- | 19 February, 2020


Really thanks for your answer. When I had this first issue, the machine was working correctly, and for some reason started to show this error code. After that, -I reinstalled the TpSys, and I didn´t put the magic word, waiting that my recovery disk have it this. But if the recovery disk doesn´t keep that information, that could be a reason. Anyway I´m asking for that code to my supplier and waiting for that.

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TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12- | 9 March, 2020

Solved!! Finally it was the CPU board, I changed this and has started running perfectly. It is my opinion that the problem coming from GPU of this board, but I will never know this.

by the way, I have receive a incredible support from Julio from PFIParts LLc company. they will support me all the time and help me to find the machine fault. So I reccomend they at 100%, very honest company.

Thanks all for help me

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