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Conformal coating removal machine

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Conformal coating removal machine | 4 March, 2020

We bought a conformal coating removal machine AKA a sand blaster at an auction. It is a CCR2000 especially made to be ESD safe. Does anyone have any experience with sandblasting conformal coating? We mostly use humiseal 1A33 and UV40. When we use the stripper it softens it up but it still needs to be removed. I think the sandblaster would make this much easier. We do not need to do much stripping but occasional it needs to be done. There are two materials, that I am looking at. Both are for electronics. I am not sure which would do the better job and last the longest.

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Conformal coating removal machine | 4 March, 2020

In a past life I used a Swam Blaster from Crystal Mark with the media from them as well. I used it on Humiseal 1A31 and 1B31 (I think those were the products, it's been a little while).

This machine and material were awesome IMO. Made CC removal a breeze and was much preferred over a chemical solution. It can take a little while, and can get a little messy (the media tends to get all over the place just like normal sandblasting), but a trip through the wash after removing the coating usually does the trick.

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Conformal coating removal machine | 11 March, 2020

There is a 8lb steel plate that is held down by 4 toggle bolts at the top of the machine. Its where you load the cutting media. If that plate does not have a pressure gauge built into it, contact CCR. They will send you one free of charge (at least they used to).

With this plate in place you can be sure that all pressure has been bled off of the machine before the operator / maintenance person tries to remove it.

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