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Please recommend some Mexico assembly fab

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Any recomended Mexico Assembly fab | 12 March, 2020

I need some PCB orders be assembled in Mexico, with both prototype and large orders.

I've learnt that most of the fabs are located in Guadalajara,I found some in SMTNET, and emailed to them with no reply .

Can anyone recommend some reliable assembly factories to me ? If there is any direct contact info. provided ,that would be really appreciated

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Any recomended Mexico Assembly fab | 14 March, 2020


Are you looking for PCBAs (assembled PCBs with components on them) or bare PCB boards?

Is there something that drives the requirement that they be specifically be made in Mexico?


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Any recomended Mexico Assembly fab | 16 March, 2020

Hi Steven,

Only assembly is required, we can provide PCBs and parts.

The reason why we need them be made in Mexico is because, most of our parts will be shipped from the US, and it only takes 1-3 days from Mexico to the US. Or if there is any US assembly fab with competitive price, I will also consider about this .

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