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Solder Mask for Wave Rework

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 22 April, 2020


We are currently using WonderMask PX Peelable Solder Mask # 2222 for the wave rework process, but we are having a lot of trash in the pot. I understand that it is because the solder mask resists the pot temperature (500F) but not the rework time process(40 seconds).

Do you know of any solder mask that is designed to last a long time in high temperatures?

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 22 April, 2020

We prefered kapton tape to peelable mask, though, there is added time/effort to taping the boards, then removing the tape (if it's done hot, it can go pretty quickly).

If you're at a volume where manual masking/mask removal is too time consuming, consider investing in a selective-wave-solder fixture. Essentially a pallet made out of Durostone (or some other temperature neutral material) that leaves open the areas that need to be soldered. There are spacing requirements, of course; but, it could be more cost effective.

Alternatively, look into selective solder machines.

Cheers, ..rob

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 22 April, 2020

We use Wondermask 2211 and we haven't had issues with the material creating gunk in the pot. You might want to call TechSpray and consult with a product specialist who can better advise you on what's best for your application. Rob mentioned the wave fixture as a possible solution, but unless you're willing to pay $2,000-$3,000 for 5 fixtures, it might not really be worth it & sticking with either Kapton tape or WS masking might be your best bet.

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 23 April, 2020

Hi, thank you both for answering. Unfortunately, due to volume and the components we repair it is not viable to switch to selective soldering.

I already contacted TechSpray and they suggested that I switch to 2211, but I don't think it's going to hold the 40 seconds below the wave.

Anyways, thanks!

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 27 April, 2020

Is your board spending 40s on a molten solder at 500F?

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 27 April, 2020

That's correct. This is because the component (switch) needs to be removed and soldered on the wave.

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 28 April, 2020

Are you watching for copper dissolution? At one place I was asked to check why we had no barrels with some PTH locations. It was being dissolved in the solder fountain during rework.

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Solder Mask for Wave Rework | 29 April, 2020

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