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Assembleon GEM series 380V/400V

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Assembleon GEM series 380V/400V | 29 April, 2020

Dear friends,

We have a pack of Philips/Assembleon pick and place machines, from CSM and GEM series. I want to set up a "new" Emerald machine, it had been working in Germany 1.5 year ago. It has 3-phase connector. I noticed that it was set up for 380V voltage, not 400V. I checked our another GEM machines (Sapphire, Topaz): they are set for 380V. Our newer machines (Topaz-X, Emerald-X), they are set for 400V. Is it serious problem if we have 400V industrial voltage by 380V settings?

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Assembleon GEM series 380V/400V | 5 May, 2020

If in doubt then set it to 400. You tend to get a bit of leeway with the assembleon power supplies. Where in the world are you ?

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Assembleon GEM series 380V/400V | 9 May, 2020

I don't know how in Germany, but in Poland it used to be 220V (380 for 3 phases), now it is 230V (400). Probably, after the change, no one switched the voltage to the trafo in the machine - these are old machines.

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