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Universal GSM1 Interlock Switches

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Universal GSM1 Interlock Switches | 30 April, 2020

So, I have inherited a couple of "vintage" GSM1 machines, and we've got one powered up, trying to see if it even works, before registering the machine and paying Universal some money.

It appears several of the safety interlock switches are triggered, but we can't figure out which one it is. We've found all the obvious ones, but are there any hidden ones one any of the panels covering the PC, controller, etc...?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Universal GSM1 Interlock Switches | 1 May, 2020

I'm not sure if these are similar to our Genesis machines but if they have removable feeder banks they are part of the safety circuit. If they are not installed or if the sensors on them are misaligned it will show the same as an interlock violation. Also I think some of them have a remote interlock option, kind of a smema looking plug on the side. If the previous owner used it maybe it needs to be bypassed. On our Genesis machines there is a safety relay that is behind a bunch of covers. If I remember right it would show which part of the circuit is violated.

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Universal GSM1 Interlock Switches | 4 May, 2020

Also, Check jumpers on 9pin connectors at front, rear and both side. If anyone missing or broken, will do the same.

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