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MY9 Hydra errors

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MY9 Hydra errors | 13 May, 2020

We have been working on an intermittent error on our hydra.

And it seems to happen only after several hours of production have passed, it doesn't happen during the first part of the shift.

Our hydra goes from working fine for several hrs to making a clicking sound when picking and placing components, it then will error out and stop. We are prompted then to reinitialize motor controllers.

Components are scattered around the PCB.

We replaced with spare parts or swapped with another machine the following parts to see if the error follows:

MOT-Z - swapped with a another machine. No changes.

XWB3 - replaced with new board

Hydra Theta motor and transducer - replaced new

Hydra Belt and Spring - replaced with new

Hydra Board (HYDB) Replaced new

The eror given is hydra transducer drift too big.( once I get the error I'll comeback and edit for actual message.

There is a Hydra Fan that is part of the electrical parts of the Hydra. This is something I haven't checked or located. Unless the HYDRA fan refers to the fans under the MOT-Z card.

Any input is appreciated.

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