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SMT machine

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SMT machine | 10 June, 2020

I've built SMT pick and place machine at home .. please have look I want to add vision system to it using C# any help or hint may highly be appreciated (please don't mind my english) thanks...

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SMT machine | 11 June, 2020

Awesome machine! For grabbing the image and addressing camera quick you should get a camera with card and eventually application software. These are industrial and more expensive. 1394 interface is very common interface for the industry. Once you have an image it is really up to you to create environment to work with it. We can discuss filters and recognition models in more details offline if you are interested.

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SMT machine | 15 June, 2020

Thanks Evtimov for appriciation. I did much work on this in C# but clueless I need some tutorial or little example for a simple webcam as many people using in openpnp. Thanks again and pleas don't mind my English.

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