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GSM Placement Offset

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GSM Placement Offset | 17 June, 2020

We've got a GSM1 running OS2/WARP version 4.5.0 and we ran into having placement issues for all components. Each placement seems to be exactly 30 mils offset from it's actual location.

We've got a 2.6 mil/px and a 4.0 mil/px camera. Attached is an image of where we think the problem is. We havn't found where in the documentation it talks about the meaning behind the different symbols that overlay during vision inspection when running production. We think that the green cross hair means it found the 0603 center, the blue box is the search area, and the smaller black box outlines where the machine thinks the part actually is.

However, the black box doesn't align with the actual part, it seems to be exactly 30 mils off in the y direction. What we can't figure out is what is causing this 30 mil difference?

The pick seems to be in the middle of the nozzle and we've performed a feeder teach already for the specific feeder this 0603 is coming from.

The component is defined under the chip category with standard 0603 size information.

This error happens for both front and back camera's and is the same exact 30 mil offset.

Does anyone know where our problem may be?


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GSM Placement Offset | 17 June, 2020

Blue rectangle on the screen is actual search area. Green cross points excatly to the component centroid how vision system determined it - so, your component was picked slightly off center but still within the range. Now, the reason for offset can be that down-looking camera on the head has been bumped slightly (perhaps you took head down for some reason and then put it back without recalibration). As a result, board position was not measured correctly and placement offset occurs. Calibration procedure should fix that-

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GSM Placement Offset | 18 June, 2020

Deni, Thank you so much for your reply.

Does this Calibration procedure require the calibration plate? Is there anyway to fix our calibration issue without it?

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GSM Placement Offset | 18 June, 2020

Yes, to calibrate you need calibration plate and calibration "parts". There's something you can try, though. There is a setting for on-head camera position. You can modify these values (write down original values, of course) manually and then try it out. Not sure if that will work, though...

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GSM Placement Offset | 24 June, 2020

Do you know which menu this is under? We had tried changing the X,Y Location in the Camera configuration but the changes didn't seem to actually change anything. We would power cycle the machine every time after changing the config file. We also tried seeing what happens when you change the Calibration parameters in the same menu, along with Default Parameters, to see if things like the search area would change. Those changes also didn't seem to get applied after reboot even though the changes were saved in the file. Is there another step to somehow apply changes without going through the calibration process?

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