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Plastic BGA cracking

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Plastic BGA cracking | 18 June, 2020

We have observed Plastic BGA crack in encapsulation to substrate interface. After reflow, the device was not functioning. The Crack is observed in the fresh lot during visual inspection. What is the attachment process of package to substrate? where could went wrong?


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Plastic BGA cracking | 19 June, 2020

You're seeing these defects both before and after reflow or only after?

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Plastic BGA cracking | 25 June, 2020

How long have these devices been out of their sealed dry packs? Did you receive the devices factory new or from a broker of such parts? What may be happening is that moisture crept inside the device and there requires the parts to be baked before your smt assembly use. Search for popcorn effects on smt devices. Some use 100 C at 24 hours to draw out the moisture for baking. Louis Rossman has a video on YouTube where he replaced a GPU on a MacBook using a tool from zhoumao China. Good video to watch and he baked the fresh GPU for the same reasons.

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