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DEK conveyor belt

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DEK conveyor belt | 13 July, 2020

Can't find the correct part number for the conveyor belt of a DEK Europa. It is round and green, perhaps antistatic type. I found the part number of the same for 265GSX, it is 122022 G4957. Any idea if the Europa uses the same belt size as the 265GSX?

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DEK conveyor belt | 14 July, 2020

Not as straightforward a question as you might think... due to the multiple rail systems (at least 4) used on Europa. But what you seem to be describing is the single stage conveyor, which uses same belt as used on the GSX, and majority of Horizon / Infinity. 122022 is the green standard belt; 181706 is the black (anti-static) version of the same belt.

G4957 is an earlier version of the same belt (dates back before GSX) could certainly be used if you found one.


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DEK conveyor belt | 14 July, 2020

Thanks, I checked today and the GSX belt is simlar to the Europa. Any idea where to get them?

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DEK conveyor belt | 14 July, 2020

Feel free to contact me directly.

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DEK conveyor belt | 14 July, 2020

I sent you an email Thanks

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DEK conveyor belt | 15 July, 2020

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DEK conveyor belt | 13 August, 2020

DEK horizon: Green belt PN:165520; Black belt PN:181706. 3mmx2450mm Solid ESD

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DEK conveyor belt | 14 August, 2020

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