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GSM Flexjet calibration

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GSM Flexjet calibration | 2 October, 2020

Is there somebody experienced in GSM Flexjet calibration procedures? I have some issues that I can't resolve and help is very appreciated...

- Deni

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GSM Flexjet calibration | 4 January, 2021

What error you are getting and at what stage? Why are you calibrating?

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GSM Flexjet calibration | 6 January, 2021

Don't know if this is relevant but I just came across this bulletin in the UIC docs:

Document # TECH-0155 Software level:All Machine block:All Machine type(s):GSM1 Platform,GSM2 Platform,GSMx Platform,GSMxs Platform Target Users:Level 2 Topic:Partial Calibration Procedure: Until further notice please do not attempt a partial calibration on GSM Platform equipment. Partial calibration is defined in the Machine Calibration manual 48653201. Partial Calibration refers to individually calibrating the items specifically listed in the in the Calibration Task Selection (System Setup -> Machine -> Setup -> Calibration). It does not include items such as camera lighting or mirror calibration. Although our documentation states partial calibration is possible in some scenarios we are unsure at this time which scenarios will work. Until we can fully understand and correct this situation we are asking that you do not perform partial calibration until further notice.

Please forward any details you might have on this topic to ... Include details on partial calibrations success and specific well documented examples of how partial calibration did not work.

Please advise customers interested in using partial calibration that this issue is being investigated, there is no completion date at this time. Additional info Why repair: A partial calibration improperly completed can result in machine misplacements/accuracy issues. To correct this you will need to perform a full calibration in order to place components correctly

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GSM Flexjet calibration | 7 January, 2021

Thanks, I have read (almost) everything I could find on UIC's site. The problem I had was that I never before tried to perform FJ calibration, so I did not know how it normally works. Anyway, I figured out what I did wrong and managed to calibrate the machine. It was in half-assembled state so many things were misconfigured or wired wrong so I had to figure out how it is supposed to work in the first place. Nice experience ;-)

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GSM Flexjet calibration | 7 January, 2021

Hi Deni,

I just bought a machine with FJ9 heads- I have never had a flexjet, only regular flex heads. Are there any pointers you can share? What ended up being your problem?

When you do a calibration, do you do the CPE also?

I have been fortunate in that I have not had to do any calibration on either of my GSM machines yet, but after five years of running them it is probably time. I just don't want to do something wrong and get stuck.

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