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New to jetprinting

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New to solder paste jetprinting | 6 October, 2020

Have used stencils for low volume paste printing for 18 yrs. New job uses jet printing (MY500). But machine is limited to .33mm dot size. Parts used here have pad sizes that are .25mm or smaller, so paste touches between pads when printed. Thankfully there is enough masking to help prevent most bridges, but not all. Am looking for a machine that can print pads of less than .33mm dot size. Seems the MY700 can, if my research is correct. And looking for some educational reference material to catch me up on jet printers. Thank you

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New to solder paste jetprinting | 7 October, 2020

MyCronic are literally the only ones in the market, Essemtec do Jet printing but make no attempt to sell it as a full printer replacement in the way MyCronic do. I was told by MyCronic "The MY500's are reducing in numbers now and spares support is coming to an end soon .." and that was over a year ago. So regardless of the capability side of things it seems to be an idea to move on anyway. It is worth noting it would be unusual to see a conventional printer be unsupported inside of 10 years but I digress.

You are pretty much reliant on their own data and promo material. If you contact their sales team they can also hook you up with refurbished MY600/700s ....

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New to solder paste jetprinting | 7 October, 2020

Hi Hearse,

I currently use a MY600, with a AG Ejector which can place dots between 0.33 and 0.52 mm.

The differences for a MY600 with placing small dots is down to ejector and paste. To be able to place dots as small as 0.25 mm, you would need an AR Ejector which can jet dots as small as 0.215 mm. With that comes a "Fine Pitch" software option which I think it costs an awful lot of money. Adding to that, AR ejector uses T6 paste only, and T6 paste requires nitrogen atmosphere in oven to avoid oxidisation of the solder spheres.

Hope it helps, this is the first jet printer I used and still using it for a many different purposes, starting from jet printing whole boards, through adding small masses of paste to solder RF connectors on top side in selective soldering machine, and also to rework boards by printing only the footprint of a component (connectors, LGAs, BGAs, etc).

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New to solder paste jetprinting | 7 October, 2020

Thanx for the feedback

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New to solder paste jetprinting | 8 October, 2020

Not a sales pitch, just an update, the Essemtec jet print solution is maturing fast based on a lot of customer testing. It is fully capable to replace printers for prototyping and NPI. Being adaptive to different paste suppliers and different component mix challenges, just update us on your challenges. We will deliver or admit limitations.

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