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Low Cost SMT Machines

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Low Cost SMT Machines | 8 October, 2020

We are looking to improve our SMT Line;

We currently have Quad 4C (P&P) CPH; 3600 Capacity: 68 (std 8mm feeders) Minimum Pitch: 0.635mm(0.025")

Could you suggest a reliable new Pick n' Place for better CPH and capacity for a value price?

We found some chinese ones(KoyoSMT, SeaMark ZM, ETA), but we don't know if these ones are reliable Also, a supplier for SPI, ATM ScreenPrinter, would be great

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Low Cost SMT Machines | 9 October, 2020

Stay away from Chinese machines. Even if they aren't junk, you'll have a hell of a time getting support. Your best bet is to stick with used equipment from reputable brands with a foot print in your area.

Universal, Juki, mydata, are all decent choices.

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Low Cost SMT Machines | 11 October, 2020

Hi. My 2 bits...from your list, we have had communication with Seamark and our experience so far has been very positive. We are reviewing to purchase one of their BGA rework systems, primarily from the video on youtube showing Louis Rossman running one of their older machines. Did a background check on them through other non-competing suppliers in Shenzhen and they came up as a very strong player offshore.

I do agree with the above post that there is strength in numbers. China has their own eco-system and unless you are closer to their factory, may have some start up pains. There is a very lengthy set of videos about Charm High and how their system did not fare well - at least initially. After installing electric feeders, the builder is now operational. A major pain to get to this status.

Our line is with the Emerald-X (aka Yamaha YV88X) and after some serious time investment, am very impressed on what this machine can do. Lots of spare parts available offshore and locally including nozzles and feeders to allow for this machine to stuff 0201 and we have even validated the use of 01005 parts. Granted the pick accuracy is not 100% for the 01005 but we did stuff hundreds of these components for giggles. Also placing WLCSP 1.4*1.4mm FPGA (16 ball) with this machine - mind blowing on what it can do for its age. Support has been overall very positive. The minor complaint is hearing about "oh the machine is old, may not be able to do this or that" - each and every time we have proved the factory wrong. This machine was way ahead of its time.

Seriously will consider their SMT machines again as we grow. I know that due to covid, the market is soft and there are deals to have - contact for more details. If you want, can share the local rep who is very good here in Canada to get started. Hope this helps.

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Low Cost SMT Machines | 12 October, 2020

Seamark have fairly popular BGA rework stations, that are sold all over by proper distribution with proper support. The SMT machines they offer are other peoples, on their Website I can see Neoden and Faroad. You can find both of these machines sold by distribution outside China too, as you can Kayo. Neoden certainly doesn't have the best reputation for quality, Kayo may be slightly better and Faroad is clearly a different class of machine, more like a proper copy of a mid-range chipshooter machine from ~15 years ago. No idea if they are any good or even if the UK seller (for example) has sold one...

Of course you might find support over the phone and waiting for spare bits to fit and test yourself is as good or better than you get with your Quad and is enough to keep you happy. If that is the case (and for some it is) maybe one of the Chinese machines is OK for you.

Be aware they can make very very poor clones of Yamaha feeders as well as perfectly good ones. I would probably try and stick to ones that are ballscrew with an encoder if possible, should narrow the field down.

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