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Screen Printer Selection

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Screen Printer Selection | 5 November, 2020

I would like to request your expertise on which pasta printer to purchase:

MPM Momentum +


Both of them are refurbished/ reaconditoned. The MPM includes several perpetual Software licenses but it is almost double the price of the EKRA

EKRA XPRT 3: -Stencil Cleaner w/Vacuum -Belt Driven -Std 2D inspection -Transport system with board/foil clamping option

MPM Momentum Plus:

Windows 7 Operating System Hour meter 2,673 Benchmark Software Single Rail Conveyor Speed ​​Enhancement Auto Paste Dispenser Quik Tool Auto Board Support 18 " Under Stencil Cleaning System Automatic Board to Stencil Alignment

License Type Subtype Expiration Key

Gerber EZ Teach Paste Transfer Contrast Pad Coverage aAutohelp Stencil Blockage Machine Type 1022 5 Perpetual SPI Print Optimizer 1019 Perpetual Bridge Vision 1002 Perpetual aMaintenance 5002 Perpetual Manual Inspection 1024 Perpetual Stencil Bridge Vision 1004 Perpetual Software License 1021 1004 Perpetual Texture Pad Coverage 1001 Perpetual aSnapshot 5004 Perpetual aNotify 5001 Perpetual

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Screen Printer Selection | 6 November, 2020

Hi We sell competitively but fully equipped automatic stencil printers which you may find are not far from the price of a second user model, but with the bonus of having up to date Windows operating systems and a 5 year warranty! I'd be happy to put you in touch with our sales team to discuss if we could help you Thanks Andy Jones

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