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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup

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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 28 November, 2020

Hi there :)

I have an used IPulse M1 PnP machine since one week. In 2016 the machine had get a full service with update the OS from WinNT to the newest WinXP-Program. I had tested the machine on sellers production hall - All was running great.

Now, after delivery, the WinXP will boot only around 10sec and blank out the monitor than. I have tested it with different monitors and cables without success.

I've found the old OS on a deactive HDD in the machine cabinet. If i connect these HDD, the machine is running properly, so it should not an hardware defect.

I had backup-ed booth HDDs and check the new hdd with chkdsk and so on. No problem detected.

On Bootup, WinXP will show the loading bar for around 10sec. After that the Display goes into power save mode. The HDD-LED on the front is flickering and after around one minute there comes an air pressure down alarm. The machine warning light is blinking, too. Numlock and Capslock on the keyboard is working. I can start the servos with the servo-switch. Same with air pressure connected.

This leads me to assume that the operating system is actually running correctly.

Does anybody have a clue what is happened here?

Thank you in advance and take care! Bjoern

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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 1 December, 2020

Could be your graphics card driver is set to output a resolution/refresh rate not supported by either monitor you tried. In that case XPs "Safe Mode" should use safe defaults just like it is doing when you see the loading bar. Another option is somehow the driver for the graphics card has been updated or corrupted somehow, either way you probably need to boot into Safe Mode to change some settings or uninstall the driver and start again. If you have an old CRT monitor kicking about they can be less fussy about accepting some of the settings that XP might default to.

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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 1 December, 2020

Hi there. Thank you for your reply. I have tested the VGA signal with two different VGA to VGA & HDMI converters without success. Now i have connect my oscilloscope onto the signal. RGB,V and signal at all after WinXP boot cycle.

If i start the OS in safe mode, an Bluescreen is shown. But in normal boot mode i'm very sure that the os is booting properly.


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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 2 December, 2020

That STOP error code does google. It would suggest an incomplete or corrupted windows installation. if safe mode doesn't work its very unlikely normal mode is. Sadly fixing XP issues is much harder than it is these days with Win10 which has repair functions that actually work! However some decent tips on there and other pages that discuss this error some of which might help. It could be something as dumb as a BIOS option conflicting with how windows was setup.

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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 2 December, 2020

Hi. You say that you backed up the original drive. How?

My suggestion:

1) Assuming that your HDD interface is SATA style - deploy a Samsung EVO series SSD which are very reliable.

2) Perform a bit-copy of the known good working drive so that the SSD is a bit-copy of the working original.

The new SSD should be at least as large as the older drive but can be larger. As noted, we are using the Samsung EVO SSD drives to boot our XP OS on our Ekra with success. The original mechanical HD is in our company safe.

We have used TRUE IMAGE for a similar case with our Ekra printer. For those who own Ekra machines - back up your drives!! The s/w is sacred and has hidden registry keys. Can be a pain if you lose the s/w.

Was told that SAMSUNG Magician may be able to do the same.

In either case, if using your same computer setup - the original drive works properly then the issue is with your cloned drive.

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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 3 December, 2020

If you do that you technically need to install a 3rd party tool that handles TRIM because XP doesn't know how.

But yes good advise for anyone who buys a 2nd user machine, clone the drive before you do anything else. Frankly do it for your new machines too, then when disaster strikes you can get yourself back up and running without needing to beg for anything from the manufacturer or pay for a site visit. Lots of machines put silly licensing restrictions on their software or simply have complex setups. The licensing one is a bit odd tho' the machine itself is basically giant dongle, should really be enough.

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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 5 December, 2020

Oh, yes. You're right. I dont thought about trim service, too. But at the moment it is a HDD mounted. Maybe in the future...

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I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup | 5 December, 2020

Its fixed now :) Machine is working well again after a lot of hours of problem solving...

I have get an old, but actual image file from a service provider here. So i had to buy an old partition backup software on ebay to open that archive. After a lot of strange error messages and some DOS bootdisks, i have restore the image to another HDD. After that, i had restored and merged the other data/userdata partitions to that HDD, too.

So, now the machine does its job again.

Thank you all for your help! Have a nice weekend and take care.

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