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IP-3 Nozzle Change Error (Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON)

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IP-3 Nozzle Change Error (Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON) SOLVED | 5 January, 2021

Before our holiday shutdown an experienced party came in and showed me the PAM process on the IP-3. We made some adjustments, and all was well.

Yesterday I found that we may have accidentally mixed up some nozzles, so I verified where each should go. I pulled them all out, reset them and did a center/nozzle check.

Today we keep getting (Nozzle Change Error: Head 2) Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON

I cleaned the dog, the cover guide, and just now the cylinder that the dog rides in (hollow ball screw).

I lubricated lightly with Biral T&D....yet we continue to get the error. I monitored the machine while running and observed that the error is mostly happening on the nozzle removal portion of the sequence. The machine ran 17 boards then errored out, then ran a couple and errored out, it is inconsistent, but a simple reset will allow it to run again? The amplifier is indicating that the senor is not on (no lights illuminated on the Nozzle Confirmation Sensor Amplifier) Is there a time delay, should the red light be lit when the nozzle is in the changer that has not yet retracted? Any suggestions?

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IP-3 Nozzle Change Error (Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON) | 5 January, 2021

We use to have to replace the "dog" tube when it got rounded out or worn a little. If you you already cleaned it and can see the red light going off and on when you gently push up on the nozzle it is just not seeing in time and it gives the nozzle change error. It could also be the nozzle itself so swap those from one head to the other if the other head has the same size. I did not think we lubed them at all because it would gunk them up. If you are not using all the nozzles you may be able to change the proper and put that nozzle you need in a different changer arm, or change your shape code to use a smaller/larger nozzle that will be a work around. I also just moved all the feeders with that nozzle called out to one trolley side before while waiting on parts so they could run production.

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IP-3 Nozzle Change Error (Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON) | 6 January, 2021

Thank you rtmitchell, being unfamiliar with the system, I missed that the end is slightly nicked. I pulled a dog out of a machine that has been cannibalized, I verified that it was straight and not nicked, and installed it in our production line machine. The operator only had 2 boards remaining so I will have to wait until she runs a decent volume of boards to see the actual results.

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IP-3 Nozzle Change Error (Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON) | 7 January, 2021

I fond two dogs in a cabinet and they appeared to be new. I replaced the dog with one of them and it seems to be working great.

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IP-3 Nozzle Change Error (Chuck Confirm. Sensor ON) | 8 January, 2021

This is good news, maybe the work highlight of the week. I will print this out for my evaluation and see if I can leave early. Glad I was able to help.



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