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GSM2 flexjet riddled with problems

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GSM2 | 20 January, 2021

Low Air Pressure: System reporting low air pressure; verified 12Vdc at pneumatic panel, manually jumpered and verified connections back to GPIO1 connector on the LOC I/O assembly. Swapped LOC IO cards then entire LOC IO chassis, with another machine. No change, low air pressure input will not change state.

Is there some root thing tying this all together that I am missing? Is there a way to view the changes in system IO aside from the standard manual Discrete IO control menu?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or insight.


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GSM2 flexjet riddled with problems | 24 January, 2021

GSM's have MMIT I/O bus. It is used for most of the discrete I/O, so I would check it's operation first - see attached diagram. You sholud have BUSPROBE tool which you can use to read/write memory locations directly. I do not know if you have access to UIC's documentation site, as there's a lot of information. I would start from there. You can contact me on private mail, if you like.

- Dejan


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GSM2 | 25 January, 2021

Hi Dejan,

Yes, I paid my dues to have access to the UIC site; there is a great deal of information there. Thank you for the details on busprobe, I was not aware of that. It seems to be what I am looking for.

Thank you for the information!

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