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FUJI CP Model Changes

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FUJI CP6 Model Changes? | 5 February, 2021

We have been using Fuji CP-642 and are in love with them. Recently came across a CP-65 and wasn't sure of what improvements/changes Fuji did in the final years. Most everyone says CP-642 is the best. I do like having the sound of the feeders muffled but have a good price on a CP-65.

I used the search function and didn't find much info.

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FUJI CP6 Model Changes? | 8 February, 2021

If I am not mistaken, a CP65 has different windmills and is slower. Has Open feeder axis like you said so it makes more noise.There could be more...

If you love CP642's message me. I have (2) that are coming out of service along with a bunch of spares and feeders.

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FUJI CP6 Model Changes? | 28 April, 2021

What does a Cp642 go for price wise these days?

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