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SMT Carrier Pallets

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SMT Carrier Pallets | 9 February, 2021

I am quoting a new job and am wondering if I should use carrier pallets for it. There are 2 PCBAs both are 31mil thick. One is about 16 inches long, and the other about 13 inches long. Both are 1.4 inches wide. I was thinking to put them in a 2 up panel configuration. I am worried that through SMT reflow the boards will warp a lot. Should I get carrier pallets for these PCBs?

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SMT Carrier Pallets | 9 February, 2021

You'll have to do at least 2up array since most conveyors won't handle boards less than 2in wide. I'm assuming it's FR4 lead free temperature material and PCB's are scored in the panel. The 13-16in lengths aren't a problem other than depaneling. With a 2up array and 0.3in scrap, your panel width will be 3.4in. Unless you have very heavy components you should be OK using sufficient board support tooling at print and place. The panel may sag during reflow about the middle score line but not enough to affect placement or fall off the conveyor.

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SMT Carrier Pallets | 9 February, 2021

Thank you for your reply!

I will see how it goes without the carrier pallets. I was worried about them drooping too far in the center (at the center V-Score) and falling off of the conveyor in the reflow oven. I am putting boarders on all sides of the panel to give it some more support. I agree with your assessment that it should be ok. Thanks again for your help.

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SMT Carrier Pallets | 9 February, 2021

Talk to your board house to see if the can lift the long score lines in the boarder so that those boarders are not completely cut through and it will stiffen the whole array. Jerry

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SMT Carrier Pallets | 10 February, 2021

Guessing there's no center support in your reflow?

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