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AOI Functionality.

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SPI and AOI Machine Feaures. | 10 February, 2021


I am sourcing machines for an SMT line (for the first time) and would like to understand features of current and earlier model SPI and AOI machines.

In the intended application, a high volume of PCAs aren't required to be processed but there are often hundreds of components per PCB and several PCBs per product, so a product containing more than 1,000 components is typical. Inspection machines are being considered in an attempt to ensure a low level of field failures. In addition to SMT, there will be hand soldered components. Some PCBs are wave soldered.

It appears 3D SPI is required to ensure paste is appropriately deposited. To cover all placement fault mechanisms, it seems 3D AOI is required. Buying two machines is expensive, so a machine that performs both tasks would theoretically reduce costs.

Secondhand equipment is less expensive than new. However, secondhand machines have different features than newer machines. I have read, due to change in automated inspection methods, there has been a significant improvement in inspection capability over time.

The questions I have are:

1. Are there inspection machines that can perform both SPI and AOI tasks and if so, which manufacturers and models?

2. Can SPI be performed effectively by a screen printer or dispenser and if so, which manufacturers and models?

3. What is the difference in inspection methods for machines prior to and after inspection method improvements?

4. Did setup times significantly reduce when the new inspection methods were introduced and if so, what are typical times?

5. When did the significant inspection method improvements(s) occur and what are the manufacturers and models of inspection machines that have the improvements?

6. What should the electrical test first pass rate be following inspection?

7. What level of inspection false positive results are expected?

8. Are important points being missed above?

Sorry for all the questions! The question numbers are intended to make it easier for people to understand which question a response is related to.

Thank you.

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SPI and AOI Machine Feaures. | 11 February, 2021

1.Yes but you want specific SPI & AOI machines. Same manufacturer can provide both. 2. Yes but not as well as an SPI machine. 3. Don't understand question. 4-7 You should do your research, or hire someone with the expertise you require.

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