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vacuum reflow

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vacuum reflow | 23 March, 2021

Hi, just wondering are many assemblers using vacuum reflow systems, whether they be forced air based or vapour phase type ? If so, anyone seeing any negatives caused by the vacuum with regards liquid solder being 'sucked' away from the joints in the vacuum section, or any other weird phenomena ?

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vacuum reflow | 26 March, 2021

Hello Graham, There are no simple answers to your questions but I will be giving a virtual talk covering the reasons for vacuum reflow with void data and unintended consequences in a few weeks at the SMTA joint Space Coast - Atlanta Chapter conference.

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vacuum reflow | 21 April, 2021

Here's some information about Fred Dimock's work on vacuum reflow - Operation of a Vacuum Reflow Oven with Void Reduction Data [ ]

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vacuum reflow | 22 April, 2021

The SMTA Space Coast /Atlanta presentation will have a bit more information.

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vacuum reflow | 22 April, 2021

Here's where you register for Fred Dimock's Zoom SMTA Space Coast /Atlanta presentation

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