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cyberoptics se 300 camera alignement and calibration

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Cyberoptics Flex ultra HR camera alignement and calibration | 19 April, 2021

dear all,

we have a problem with our cyberoptics AOI machine, the machine is Cyberoptics Flex ultra HR (model N 8010949). the alignment of camera 1,3,5 and 2,4 is impossible because the images from each Fire wire adapter don't have the same size. If we try to adjust focus if we get it aligned bottom point it will be misaligned on the top side (see the photo in the D0 pads). We have changed the entries of the cameras in the firewire adapters, the problem changed from the first group of cameras to the second, this means not the cameras nor the cables are having the problem. The problem start to be from the adapter (the adapter with 3 cameras). we tried to calibrate with the target board, but also unsuccessful: error camers out of focus and cameras are badly set error. we look for support, and we are open to any proposition.

best regards,



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