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Universal GSM Blue Label Feeder (24V)

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Universal GSM Blue Label Feeder (24V) | 27 April, 2021

Looking to repurpose some older 32mm GSM Blue Label feeders for a custom application. These feeders are the 24V type and not 42V.

Does anyone have any information on connecting to and communicating with the feeder outside of a GSM machine or setup cart?

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Universal GSM Blue Label Feeder (24V) | 28 April, 2021

24V feeders are very simple to interface. You have supply voltages (24VAC, 12VDC), status output and control input (advance). All signals are using 12V levels. To advance feeder pull control input to GND. Connect status output to +12V with a pull-up resistor (say 1K) and if feeder is inserted and OK, it will pull the line to GND. Pneumatic feeders also have separate air plug connector for pneumatic actuator.

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Universal GSM Blue Label Feeder (24V) | 28 April, 2021

Hello Deni, Thanks for the comment. Could you provide a bit more information as to what pins are used to accomplish this specifically for Universal Instruments Blue label older feeders? Here is the pinout I got from UI but it does not show a status output (top to bottom).

Pin1: +12VDC (Drops to ~1V to Index Feeder) Pin2: +12VDC (Input for jumper presence) Pin3: +12VDC (Used to Index Feeder - We assume this should be 0VDC) Pin4: +12VDC (Return from Jumper Pin2) Pin5: 24VAC (Power) Pin6: 24VAC (Neutral)

Also, we are going to try to use 10V DC for the advance signal (Pin1) so we can use an analog output and were planning to use our standard 24V DC for the feeder present jumper (Pin2).

We also tested one unit with 24VDC power Instead of 24VAC power and it seemed to function fine on DC power as well just didn't index quite as fast.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

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Universal GSM Blue Label Feeder (24V) | 30 April, 2021

Status output is pin 2. On pneumatic feeders it only shows if the feeder is inserted, on electric feeders it doubles as feeder insertion and goes off if the tape is exhausted or feeder is jammed

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