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142-1711-801 installation issues

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 22 December, 2021

I have this part: 142-1711-801 (Emerson). It is an SMT/TH part.

I want to reflow the part instead of hand soldering and/or reworking the solder joints.

The issue is that the part has a small center lead that is moving off the pad very easily, because the part has too much slack.

Does someone have an idea on how to process this part to reflow it and avoid rework? Or what kind of fixture would work well?

My current process is tedious. It is hard to see the center lead, and I spend several minutes on each connector trying to manually align it just right. At the ovens exit I still have a significant amount of rework as the center pin may be off, tilted horizontally and/or vertically causing solder/alignment issues.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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142-1711-801 installation issues | 27 December, 2021

The component should float into place provided you have the correct amount of solder paste. Perform a solderability test on the pads. We have come across new components with oxidation that prevents wetting. This will cause components to not self align and increases voids. See our video here on using the solder bump method instead of solder paste.

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 4 January, 2022

I used to work with boards with similar parts like it. There are two key things to do to reflow it. 1st is to have extra solder, which by adding solder beads using pick & place machine to place on top of the solder paste. 2nd is to have the using the reflow fixture with the U shaped spring loaded pushing clap which can help to align and push the connector against the board (you would need to cut off the V-score edge).

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 13 January, 2022

Thank you for your response. I watched your video and I liked the solder ball rework method. However this is not related to the issue I'm experiencing or the way I intend to fix it. The problem with my connector is that it is front heavy, making the pads lift; also the middle signal lead is very small, it is hard to see when PCB is pasted and hard to align perfectly.

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 13 January, 2022

-Thank you Thomas. In the past I have tried using a clip to hold it in place and it partially worked as a significant amount of connectors ended up shifted causing defects and necessitating rework. -I am going to try the fixture route. -Im not sure what you are trying to say by "1st is to have extra solder, which by adding solder beads" However I have been placing paste on the pads before placing the part on the PCB.

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 13 January, 2022

Seem like extra soldering would really helps it. Adding solder beads by using pick & place machine is more of a consistent way to add extra solder where you need it the most. No matter how you modify the stencil, there is still limits how much you can get. Of course you can manually add paste after stencil printing.

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 14 January, 2022

Hi Thomas, May I ask how much paste/solder do you put on this part?

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 14 January, 2022

First of all, like I said before, I only worked on similar type of part. For this part, I would add at least 1 of 0603 size solder bead at each end (091845.jpg), 2 of 0402 size solder beads side by side would be even better.

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142-1711-801 installation issues | 19 January, 2022

I appreciate your response

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