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Wave solder Carrier



Wave solder Carrier | 1 November, 2000

we have a variety of products which we build and manufacture and build on our site, 90% of which go over the wave solder. What I would like to know is when designing a WSC how do I know what the correct angle of the aperture is in relation to the wave, to achieve maximum yields for both selective and open aperture carriers. I'm pretty confident that the problems we are seeing at the moment, the majority of these colud be eradicated or minimised if the aperture was cut to the correct angle. All our wave solder carriers are 400mm in width, but all all different in lengths. Is there a universal fixture I could buy, that I could fit my existing WSC in and which will allow me to rotate the assembly to different angles in-order to help me to acieve the best results.

Thanks in Advance


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Re: Wave solder Carrier | 1 November, 2000

Hi Adam,

if your product needs the full width of your wave you won�t have any chance to adjust an angle. For smaller PCB�s you might consider having your carriers made in two pieces. One outer piece to match your transportionsystem and one inner circular piece that takes your PCB and is rotatable to any desired angle. I liked this idea and you can play with it too. The price shouldn�t be that much higher especially later when you have to get only the inner pieces for new products.



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Re: Wave solder Carrier | 1 November, 2000


Didn't we do this already?, check the archives, I've discussed rotational carriers before. You can use them fo setting up an designing the pallet but you can't use them for mass prouction, for one your waisting valuable pallet space, for anothere generally the insert is movable therfore it can vibrate which will upset your components. You've also got a step / ridge in the pallet where they join that you don't want...think of it like the force from star wars...a disturbance in the wave is bad....


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Re: Wave solder Carrier | 6 November, 2000

Hi John,

can�t find that one in the archives. Isn�t all the trouble you may get dependend on the way you design the thing? For example, tight fit with with step/ridge nearly zero and clamps for holding down the inner circle to prevent vibrations. For the waste of space, I agree.


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