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Re: Fuji MCS-16F

Ben Salisbury


Re: Fuji MCS-16F | 10 July, 1998

| We are looking for spare hard drives for the Fuji MCS computer. I believe this is an MFM drive. Is this correct? Where can these drives be found? | Thanks. I was going through the archives and came accross this answer...probably too late but here it is. Subject: Release of the 180 Mbyte hard disk for MCS-16F Tech Report 94024 A new hard disk ( 180 Mbyte ) has been developed for the MCS-16F. Since the current hard disks ( 40 Mbyte internal hard disk and optional external hard disk ) are no longer in production, they must be replaced with this new hard disk when they fail or the memory capacity needs to be increased. The part number is as follows. MCS-16F Hard disk unit | ABIEN1000 Fuji Machine Mfg 847-821-2414 Heh...I guess you can tell what machines I primarily use

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