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to seal exposed copper layers



to seal exposed copper layers | 20 October, 2000

Dear all,

We have a PCB design mistake that causes exposed copper layers on the edges of breakaway locations. Although we fixed the design, but we already made a lot of boards plus many made before we found the problem. I wonder if any one have some experience with the issue:

1. Do we need to seal the exposed copper edges? 2. If the answer is yes, how?

Thanks for any input!!


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Re: to seal exposed copper layers | 21 October, 2000


I've seen this before, and in our case we didn't need to seal the edges because there was no concern of shorting or anything in the end product, this is a choice you will have to make, Does your end product have any protrusions or mounting holes near this exposeed copper...etc.. If you determine you need seal those nasty edges, I'd say Mask 'em, or if your not Smask ready go buy a conformal coating pen and rework it yourself.

One last tip, be sure to inspect those edges, we found that traces close to breakaways were being micro-cracked and busted open by careless operators.

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