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BGA Assembly

Marc Simkin


BGA Assembly | 15 October, 2000

BGA Manufacture and process control. To X-ray or not to X-ray, that is the question!!! Are there any bench top or sample inspection units avaliable with good(useable) software?? Help me SMT netters, you are my only hope.


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Re: BGA Assembly | 16 October, 2000

Consider the SMTnet archives for background

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Mark Charlton


Re: BGA Assembly | 17 October, 2000

Glenbrook Technology. Ask for Steve or Gil.

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Philip A. Reyes


Re: BGA Assembly | 17 October, 2000

Yes, you need to conduct X-ray inspection for BGA-SMT assembly, but it doesn't mean 100%. If your process is well capable and robust you can do sampling. There is an available X-ray machine that right now Iam assessing, cause we are going to buy one. Based on my assessment, this X-ray machine can do inspection and with the same time can analyze BGA defects(e.i.voids measurement, ball collpsed size, etc)...send me email to and i will give to you the name of the machine because its quite confidential.


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Re: BGA Assembly | 25 October, 2000

We were using a Glenbrook RTX then upgraded to a jewel box. We have been extremely pleased with both Glenbrook units.Glenbrook has great analytical BGA software.Glenbrook and ERSA have also teamed up to provide total inspection solution package. 973-361-8866 Is where Steve Zweig of Glenbrook can be reached. Marc depending where you are located you are welcome to bring you boards by and test out our system.We are located in Phila, PA. Contact me to set up a time. Cal

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