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SMT on ceramic substrate



SMT on ceramic substrate | 22 August, 2001

Hi ya'll,

We may be getting some business here for a small (2" X 2"),ceramic substrated, double-sided SMT assembly. I've done ceramic substrates with SMT in the past, but not double-sided, and as packed as this thing will be...

My question is, can you panelize this sort of thing without needing some sort of very specialized singulating equipment?

I've always thought that you needed lasers, or diamond saws in order to singulate something like this...I've heard that you could order panels "scribed" where they will snap apart cleanly and easily, is this true?

Any other pointers you can share about tackling these types of assemblies would be most appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

-Steve Gregory-

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SMT on ceramic substrate | 22 August, 2001

Yes, it is very true and very clean SNAP!

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SMT on ceramic substrate | 22 August, 2001

Who ever told that is correct, but as with all things normal, it's not as easy as that. Scribing and breaking-apart ceramic is a little like scoring and breaking-apart plexiglass. => When it works right, it's a beautious thing. => When goes wrong, you have one board with some of the other board's material, not too coo.

Scribed and broken ceramic has bad-butt sharp edges. You'll feel this sticky stuff on your hands, look down, and say sheee-it!!!

Most ceramic you'll see comes from Coors or Kyocera. May be they can help. [If you talk to Coors, tell them Dave sent you and if they have any excess beer, he'd welcome it.]

I want to say that there is an IPC spec on designing hybrid circuits that has some good guidelines in it, but I haven't stayed curent and they seem to be up-dating those things every six months. Well, you know how that goes.

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Brent Taylor


SMT on ceramic substrate | 25 August, 2001

We have used scribed ceramic from CoorsTek for many years with no problem. You will have to control your scribe depth so not to break it during processing. If you have any more question you can e-mail me.

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SMT on ceramic substrate | 27 August, 2001

Steve, Depending on the type of equipment you are using for P&P you may want to consider placing and processing the substrates in Auer boats. I have provided many applications for ceramic substarate users using purchased Auer boats or machined pallets. Snap staight ceramics are available but as Dave said ...snap the thin ones wrong and they change color from white to gooy red. Andy

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