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PCBoard Marking

Michael Fogel


PCBoard Marking | 5 September, 2001

I�m looking for some kind of equipment for marking S/N, W/O info etc. on our boards. This equipment can be any type of automatic labeler (print & stick) and up to Laser printer witch can print directly on the PC board. Any benchmark between the 2 methods and some recommendation of specific equipment will help me a lot.

Regards, Michael Fogel ECI Telecom � Ofakim Plant

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PCBoard Marking | 5 September, 2001

Try looking at TDK they make an inline laser marker hope it is of some help!

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Sean D


PCBoard Marking | 5 September, 2001

Hello Michael,

Laser marking and ink jet marking are now offered by a wide array of suppliers. The was a bit of a boom at APEX last year in the number of suppliers for these systems. Many have tried label placing but have run into a number of concerns with effective label picking and placement. Many labels have issues with consistency of adhesive on the edges causing sticking at the pick location. I've seen plasma coating of the stage used to counteract this but the results vary. You are still stuck with consumable labels as well and print on demand capability varies greatly between vendors.

Simplimatic Automation offers a series of laser/ink jet marking systems that can use YAG, CO2, indirect laser marking or simple ink jet marking. These systems allow for barcoding, alpha numeric marking, & logo marking. Depending on your production requirements they can configure the platform for your application. Dan DeMartine of Simplimatic Automation can be reached at 804-385-9181 ext 114 to discuss your application in greater detail. As a Simplimatic representative, I would be happy to address any questions or concerns, or even assist you locating the local Simplimatic Representative in your territory.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns.

Best Regards, Sean D. 480-829-8170 ext. 14

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PCBoard Marking | 5 September, 2001

I have no experience with this company but I know they make laser marking systems.

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PCBoard Marking | 6 September, 2001

We have started switching all our PCB marking from labels to Laser marking. We have a silkscreen patch put on the boards then use a CO2 laser to burn the mark off to produce the barcode. Our marking downtime has gone from an average of 8 hours a week to 0. Control Micro Systems is who we use.

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