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solder wire



solder wire | 30 September, 2001

Has anybody heard about solder wires for rework with a V-notch in order to avoid solder balls which might be caused by shooting flux when getting hot. The notch is as deep to reach the core so that the flux can expand easily. I can imagine the effect but is it really a problem to take care of?

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solder wire | 1 October, 2001

Have never heard of solderballs during rework using solder wire. Noticed the tendency to have little balls of flux with too hot iron and lots of solder used for shields or massive cables to be connected.

Seems to me a question of believe if it does something good to your boards. I would focus more on the amount of flux and its composition.


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solder wire | 1 October, 2001

I agree. Poor soldering technique is the most straightward way of creating solder balls during hand soldering operations.

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Scott B


solder wire | 2 October, 2001

We have come across this where the operator was using thin gauge solder wire (more suited to fine pitch SMT soldering) to form large solder fillets (power connections or sheild cans). We found that the operator was feeding large amounts of solder wire at a fast rate to get the required amount of solder resulting in large amount of flux core causing solder balls. We forced the operators to use the thicker gauge wire in these instances where the flux core to solder thickness is lower thus eliminating the solder balls.

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