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Bulk Feeding roadmap



Bulk Feeding roadmap | 25 September, 2000

Hello All,

I heard much abt SMT bulk feeding for 0603CR, 1005CR on SMT machines. My question is there any manufacturer actually running mass production on bulk feeding (0603 & 1005CR)??

Any glitches?? Pls provide me with any info regarding bulk feeding. Info may include, bulk component availability in the market, machine vendors capable of bulk feeding, bulk feeding reliability / mass production. Any experiences faced with bulk feeding.... etc... etc..

Many Tks, Pol

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Re: Bulk Feeding roadmap | 25 September, 2000

Bulk feeding components was and is a great idea, but it seems to stop there. Many P&P equipment vendors have bulk feeding capabilities and most part suppliers sell in bulk cartriges. The problem is in the use. How do you verify resitors that are sitting upside down? How do you order smaller quantities for batch builds, proto-types, etc...? How do you justify the extra expence involved with buying new equipment; bulk case feeders, retro-kits, etc...? If you can control the imperfections in the process the concept is worth while, if not........

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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