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Quoting a job for manufacturing



Quoting a job for manufacturing | 7 November, 2001

I have been tasked with trying to find out how to do a basic to difficult quote for a job to be manufactured either in a oem or cem. Can or does anyone have any info that could help me get this adventure off the ground?? Is there an easy template or formula to figuring this out?? What is the basic price per placement, if any?? ect....

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Quoting a job for manufacturing | 7 November, 2001

We do this periodically.

For each year of the analysis, we do a sheet like this �

Capital [By Outsourcing, In-house] * Assembly * Testing * Total

Working capital [By Outsourcing, In-house] <=inventory holding cost

Expenses [By Outsourcing, In-house] * Consulting fee * Engineering support * Upfront assessment * Part number generation * Purchasing support * Floor space * Shop supplies * Incoming freight * Maintenance * Operators * Training * Total

Direct cost per unit [By Parts, Bare PCB, Material] * Product1 * Product2 * Product3

Cost rollup per unit [By PCB direct material costs for each product system and by Outsourcing, In-house] * Expenses [Number of PCB per system times total expenses divided by total boards] * Working capital cost [Number of PCB per system times 6 % of working capital divided by total boards] * Total

Sales forecast [By year] * Product1 * Product2 * Product3

Net present value [By year] * Outsourcing * In-house assembly * Difference in cash flow

On placement pricing, search the fine SMTnet Archives.

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Quoting a job for manufacturing | 9 November, 2001

There is two directions I see here...1) you are looking for a bid comaprison or 2) you are going to build boards with the machines you cause they are not being used in full capasity.

Some OEMs and/or CEMs charge extra for "cut tape" (Not full reel)components for they may need to be hand placed if they do not have a machine that can accept cut tape. Assembled quanity is key low numbers are higher do to set up time. Higher volume is a lil cheaper do to less tear down time.We first rank a board on complexity and manufacturability.That ranking falls into a price matrix. Some OEM's (i.e. Siemens, Suzuki, UIC.....) can do a through put analysis that helps on assembly time ultimately giving you the variables for price per placement. Remember this through put is a ball park analysis.

Cal Manncorp

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Quoting a job for manufacturing | 13 September, 2002

cory, If you want to make a product we can give you the best quote. Regards jojo jameson

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Quoting a job for manufacturing | 16 September, 2002

JoJo- please keep your "mining" for leads to other forums; you have activated a nearly one year old thread that has no relevance today other than your interest in your making a contact. Try contacting the original poster direct.

If you have something new, innovative or require clarification on points made, feel free to ask. Otherwise, try to respect the intent of this forum, which is community Q&A for technical purposes. (Not withstanding the occasion philosophical point or joke provided for amusement purposes) Refer to the recent post on "Deep Fried Twinkies" as an example.

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Quoting a job for manufacturing | 16 September, 2002

I second emotion dragonslyr's comment. This FORUM is for sharing knowledge and helping SMT people with their problems as possible and NOT FOR MARKETING!

Respect the objective of this forum.

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Quoting a job for manufacturing | 16 September, 2002

Oftimes when I see aggrandizing self-promotional postings like this, I ask Brian at to: * Delete the posting, explaining why I consider the posting to be inappropriate. * Contact the offending poster and explain proper decorum on * Offer that person looking to do commerce an opportunity to purchase a banner advertisement on the forum that they think is so worthy of learning about his / her product.

There's no reason there cannot be additional 'posting police'. Yer all deputized, here and now. Brian Doyle's email address is:

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Quoting a job for manufacturing | 16 September, 2002

Dreambaby [and anyone else concerned one way or the other],

Please join the thread on the 'admin forum' [ ] that is complaining about the accessability of older threads by commerce-oriented evil doers. Brian needs a groundswell of complaints about posting like this to take action.

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Brian Doyle


Quoting a job for manufacturing | 17 September, 2002

Sheriff Doyle reporting for duty.

Yes definitely send these type of things to me. That's one of my [many] jobs.

Off hand note, I was asked to remove one of the posts here because it wasn't coming out correctly (the internet is like that sometimes) and it also took out the two replies to it. That's my fault, sorry about that.

Yes, the more people who let us know that this is bad, the better. It won't take many though.

Also I'm leaving this one up here for others to see.

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